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Clients speak


I really appreciated François’ efficiency and humility. All the steps in the process were efficiently handled and he had a strong ability to understand who we are and how we work. (…)

Chief Operating Officer

Luxury Goods

I was especially impressed at a personal level by the fact that François had an extensive industry background. I sensed that this was a great benefit to me. I was also impressed by François’ insightfulness. He picked up personality traits and critical issues of a psychological nature important to integrating into my team. (…)

Chief Legal Officer

High Technology

François is very personable and the human side of the relationship has been excellent. His down-to-earth friendliness while maintaining complete professionalism is excellent. (…)

European Human Resources Director

Life Sciences

Since 1998





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Leaders speak


We didn’t meet often but I always kept a great memory of your human touch when we talked face-to-face or over the phone about my new job. 

Head of Worldwide Manufacturing


I feel that I was one of those candidates, who was « outside of the box » and I am happy that you recognized that and put me forward for the position. 

Head Compliance


Thank you so much for your support and professional advice. 

ExCo Member

Cantonal Bank

I am thankful to you for your recruiting me into P**. Over the last 9 years, I have been through a very enriching experience. 

Managing Director Trading Desk


It is close to three years now that you had placed me here. And you know what: I am still enjoying it and we are making great progress with the brand (even if challenging at times – but didn’t you tell me about the challenges when we had interviewed?). 

Head Corporate Communication


It was a great pleasure and true honour working with you. 

Country Manager