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Clients speak


I really appreciated François’ efficiency and humility. He had a strong ability to understand who we are and how we work. (…)

Chief Operating Officer

Luxury Goods

I was impressed by the fact that François had an extensive industry background. He also has an impressive insightfulness. (…)

Chief Legal Officer

High Technology

François is very personable and the human side of the relationship has been excellent. His down-to-earth friendliness while maintaining complete professionalism is excellent. (…)

European Human Resources Director

Life Sciences

Since 1997





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Leaders speak


I am thankful to you for your recruiting me into P**. Over the last 9 years, I have been through a very enriching experience. 

Managing Director Trading Desk


It is close to three years now that you had placed me here. And you know what: I am still enjoying it and we are making great progress with the brand (even if challenging at times – but didn’t you tell me about the challenges when we had interviewed?). 

Head Corporate Communication


It was a great pleasure and true honour working with you. 

Country Manager