Relevant documents. “Ensure the development of the company!” In 93% of the cases, position descriptions are copy-paste of stereotypes. A blank sheet of paper and a professional critical exchange focusing on the specifics do better than the clichés.

Relevant expectations. “Transform the organization, but don’t change anything!” Bringing “top” leaders on board is not enough. So-called “best” people can be useless in structures that are sometimes “too big to change”.


Relevant interviewing. “I hired your CV, but I only got you!” Leaders are not professional interviewers. Conversation and gut feels don’t do the job. Intuition ought to be challenged by evidences.

Relevant expertise.  “Specialists lives in silos!” Dealing with leaders calls for expertise. Specialists are important, they bring  confidence. Knowledge breadth is not proportional to intelligence width.

Relevant technology. “High tech but low touch!” Today’s computerized solutions can ensure substantial savings. Corporations spend big money on technology vessels but often pilots have weak crews.