Leaders Search. Advisory Board. Leaders Agent. Applied Governance.


Leaders’ recruitment is an experience challenging the organization.

Right candidates ask relevant questions. 

Personalized search is an exclusive, made-to-measure service that ensures long lasting tenure. 

Personalized Search assignments are completed within 3 months.

Leaders value the strategic insight and the market intelligence associated with the experience.

The CEO of this pan-European food company looked for his SVP Sales and Marketing. Clarifying the dual expertise elicited fruitful strategic discussions which enabled an effective execution and a successful completion.


Leaders shape the future of their entreprise.

Sometimes truth should be heard from independent outsiders’ minds.

An Advisory Board is an informal committee made of selected peers focussing on strategic themes.

Advisory Board assignments are completed within 3 months.

Leaders value the fresh thinking experience while interacting with potential future board members. 

The newly appointed EMEA President of this commodities company thought important to have a panel of selected executives coming from various peripheral industries in order to validate some of his strategic assumptions. 


Leaders are driven by initiative and achievement.

They know how to anticipate bleak perspectives.

A Leader’s Agent is a trustee who proactively and selectively act to identify right future career opportunities.

Leaders’ Agent assignments are completed within 6 months.

Leaders value making the acquaintance of targeted relevant peers in the best possible conditions.

The President of an EMEA operation felt ready for a new challenge out of his field of expertise. As he could not openly communicate his intentions, he appreciated meeting face-to-face key people to help him shape his future. 



Leaders arbitrate conflicts of interests between stakeholders.

They are accountable to ensure equitable treatments among all parties.

Applied Governance aligns the strategy, the culture, the organisation and the functions beyond strict compliance.

Applied Governance assignments are completed within 3 to 6 months. 

Leaders value the consistency stemming from an effective articulation of compliance with the company’s business model.

The  Board of an healthcare company supported a task force to implement a new governance model to comply with increased legal constraints which eventually improved growth and agility.