The cost of a situation determines the value of the solution.

About Costs, Prices, Values and Tariff 


High costs often trigger simple questions. Not necessarily the best ones.

Status quo is a dangerous illusion as it always increases hidden costs.

Quick solutions about costs have long lasting consequences.

We like to talk about the total costs as they define the value of a sound decision.

It’s a matter of relevance.



Prices are often considered with a bias. They are generally perceived as “too high”.

Transparence should detail both the ingredients and the impact.

When prices are explained they can be adjusted, so they become justified.

We like to talk about prices as they define the value of our solution.

It’s a matter of relevance.



Often, “Values” are used in reference to things nobody questions. 

From products to people, from processes to behaviors, from ethics to stock market. 

Immaterial but not unseen, they are pervasive and impactful.

We like to talk about the value we add as it defines our performance.  

It’s a matter of relevance. 


A flexible tariff based on one unique simple transparent model.






Write to us to better understand how we craft our solution with these 3 types of interventions.

Intelligence makes robots work better. 

Values make human beings work best.