Consideration about tools, savoir-faire and consequences…

Not all methodologies are relevant.

“Economy-class” on-line questionnaires might be useful.

“Business class” pre-formated approaches of big consulting  firms can be effective.

“First class” attention of small boutiques can be necessary.

Our “class apart”  private leadership advisory is valuable. It is highly personalized, selective, unique. An experience.

We know that at the roots of all processes, methodologies, tools and concepts, there are simple questions. So simple that few dare to pose them.

We do. We know from experience that leaders want to listen to the silent truth. So we make silence speaks. This is more of an approach, it’s an attitude.

Our value is to help leaders and organizations know what is relevant in order for them to be right.

We will make you tell us the story of your business, from past to future. We will link all this together.

> In Private Search, we will elaborate various perspectives to enhance the organization.

> In Advisory Boards, we will exploit the full potential of selected experts.

> As Leader’s Agent, we will build contacts without which a network is weaker.

> In Applied Governance, we will use existing constraints to create meaning with impact.

Companies are not commodities. They are more than “Employers”. We eventually reinforce their branding.

You will convince us about your vision, your future, your strategy, your aspirations.

We will uncover the limitations. We will talk about the risks.

We work with intensity not precipitation. We do not waste anybody’s time, for we know that time is everything.